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Cristo Yacente Articulado con Urna


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Rare and beautiful “Cristo Yacente” or Laying Jesus with articulated arms with the characteristic touch of the Primitive carvers from Guatemala. A purple robe with a golden rope dress the piece. Inside the coffin, an also purple bed and pillow softly comfort the image. Crucifixion nail signs are evident in both hands and feet; his chest has the Roman Soldier’s injury and his back shows the cruel beatings suffered while being judged by Pilatus. His face portraits all the pain and suffering Jesus had to bear on the cross. Fine detailed hands, feet, hair and face carvings give the image an exquisite look. A tin-made aureole and a horsehair-made wig decorate his head. The light green coffin has a cross on top and glass walls to let everyone see from all angles the image of Christ while being carried during the procession by the members of the Cofradía. It opens from the side to allow to move the image at will. Please notice that the price includes FREE USPS Shipping

Age: Approximately carved in the 1930’s.
Ethnic Group: K‘iché
Origin: Nahualá, Sololá
Materials: Wood, glass
Use: Religious Image
Technique: hand carved
Size: Coffin: 25” x 12” x 24” , Jesus: 20” x 10” x 4”
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