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Diablo with large eyebrows


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Although many can‘t even mention or see him, Lucifer is a common religious figure seen across the Guatemalan mainland. People do not ask to him to perform actions, but to have him pleased so he will not act against one. Prayers and offerings are made so one will be left alone and not “tempted” by carnal acts, acted against or pursued by the negative forces of the lower spiritual world. Notice the large eyebrows, horns, genitals, big ears, wings, tale and feet characteristic of demons; a chicken’s leg and a hoof. The left arm holds his large trident. The figure rests in a wooden stand. Tin-made wings and funny looking plastic tail and a smiling gesture gives the piece a special look. Please notice that the price includes FREE USPS Shipping.

Age: Approximately carved in the 1970’s.
Ethnic Group: K’iché
Origin: Samayac, Suchitepéquez
Materials: Wood
Use: Religious Image
Technique: hand carved
Size: Approximately: 19” x 9” x 11”
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