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Old Fine Green and Gold Monkey


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Lovely Monkey mask from the famous -Mask Town- of Rabinal. This piece has the typical monkey looks of the Rabinal masks: a prominent snout, black painted eyes highlighted with a red frame that gives the character a vivid look. The black face is decorated with delicate low relieve carved lines that are painted in gold. The masterly carved snout adds personality to the mask. The red lips and the golden painted teeth as well as the golden moustaches and eyebrows give this monkey an elegant look. The green frame is a landmark of the Rabinal Workshops. Monkeys are present in almost every Ceremonial Dance; they act as buffoons and have the important roll of collecting money from the public for the Religious Brotherhood that sponsors the event. Please notice that the price includes FREE USPS Shipping.

Age: Approximately carved in the 1940’s.
Ethnic Group: K’iché Achí
Origin: Rabinal, Baja Verapaz
Materials: Wood
Use: Deer Dance, Baile Convite
Technique: hand carved at a Morería
Size: Approximately 6” x 5” x 4”
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