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Rare old Scorpion Torito


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The following item belongs to the range of “Antique and Rare Items of the Casa de Artes’ Treasures Series”. Gorgeous Ceremonial bull mask with white and black painted details. Wooden horns are attached to the piece and are as well, decorated with black and white sections. The horns are highlighted by lovely leather ears. The white painted forehead has a maroon scorpion showing off the name of the “Ganaderia” or cattle ranch. The black painted snout has red low relieve carved nose holes and tiny white mouth and moustache decorations. The black painted eyes have a very rare detail, horsehair-made upper eyelashes, while the lower are maroon painted. This lovely piece has a great patina in its back side. Please notice that the price includes FREE USPS Shipping.

Age: Approximately carved in the 1920’s.
Ethnic Group: K’iché Achí
Origin: Rabinal, Baja Verapaz
Materials: Wood, horse hair, leather
Use: Bull Dance, Baile de Animalitos, El Costeño
Technique: hand carved at a Morería
Size: Approximately 9” x 8” x 11” (horns and ears included)
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