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Ceremonial Huipil from San Ildefonso


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The town of Colotenango is located in the highlands of the Cuchumatanes in Huehuetenango. Its name signifies “San Ildefonso”, because of San Ildefonso from Toledo and Ixtahuacan comes from the Nahuatl, which means “Wide View Place”. This extraordinary huipil is woven in three panels on a back strap loom. It has a red and white striped background. The huipiles from San Ildefonso and Colotenango are very similar in work, shape, patterns and quality; the difference is on the opening for the head; which is cut out in a square shape and is decorated with a fine wide colourful hand embroidery. This huipil has its embroidery with silk and cotton, making it even more special. The geometric designs are brocaded with cotton and symbolized the planets, stars, mountains and Maya cross.

Age: Approximately woven in the 1950’s
Ethnic Group: Mam
Origin: San Ildefonso Ixtahuacan, Huehuetenango
Materials: Cotton.
Use: Ceremonial Huipil
Technique: Woven on a back strap loom
Size: Approximately 36” x 23”
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