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Special Silk Ceremonial Huipil from Chichicastenango


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This special and unique Ceremonial Huipil is woven in 3 panels on a back strap loom.  The piece shows four selvedge ends and the white back ground is made with white hand spun cotton.  All the silk patterns are brocaded; representing a clear double headed eagle on each panel. The feather serpent and stars are part of the main design as well. The panels are joined with a fine blue (indigo natural dye) randa (joining band). The side of the huipil is joined with the same indigo thread too. The round neck is cut out and decorated with black satin, forming the rays of the sun. When the huipil is open, this design can clearly be seen. Also four circles made with the same black satin show in the front, back and on each arm; they represent the phases of the moon. 

Age: Approximately woven in the 1930’s.
Ethnic Group: K’iche
Origin: Chichicastenango, El Quiche
Materials: Hand spun white cotton, randa blue - indigo, silk (dyed with natural dyes) and black satin
Use: Ceremonial Huipil
Technique: Woven on a Back Strap Loom
Size: Approximately: 34.5" x 25"
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