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Ceremonial Huipil from Comalapa


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The following item belongs to the range of “Antique and Rare Items of the Casa de Artes’ Treasures Series”. A unique Ceremonial Huipil woven in two panels on a back strap loom. This beautiful garment is going to be used by a Texel (female member of a religious brotherhood). The warp background is woven with cuyuscate; a natural brown cotton. The piece shows a four selvedge ends, which are decorated at the ends with a detailed brocade. The opening for the head is decorated with black ribbon.  All the cuyuscate is hand spun. Natural dyes: yellow, indigo plus (green).  Special dyes: alizarin.  The designs are woven in. Designs: zoomorphic: double headed eagles, pelicans, double headed serpents and birds; geometrical: feather serpent, Venus, mountains.

Age: Approximately woven in the 1930's
Ethnic Group: Kakchiquel
Origin: San Juan Comalapa
Materials: Silk, cuyuscate, cotton, wool, ribbon for the collar; natural dyes: indigo, indigo plus (green); dyes: alizarin.
Use: Ceremonial Huipil
Technique: Woven on a back strap loom
Size: Approximately 44.5" x 31.5"
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